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Wellnuts are an easy way to add accessories to your kayak. You simply drill a hole in the kayak where you want to attach the accessory, push the wellnut into the hole and then tighten the bolt. The wellnut expands as the bolt is tightened, sealing the hole. 

You will find a wellnut a great solution for fitting running rigs, paddle holders and deck fittings. We have kits available with countersunk bolts or with dome head bolts. Use a countersunk bolt when the fitting has a countersunk hole. If your accessory has a flat area surrounding the hole then use the dome head bolt.


Both wellnuts require a 9.7mm hole to be drilled in your kayak. The short wellnut fits a thickness between 0.5-5.0mm. The long well nut is for 8-16mm thick plastic. If you are drilling into the deck of the kayak in a flat area, use the short wellnut. If you are drilling into the side of the kayak where the plastic will be thicker, use the long wellnut.

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