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Size: 8oz

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Kayaking footwear gets smelly. It's just something we have learnt to live with. If you want to remove the smell, simply spray some Rank Away in your booties and remove the odor. 

Rank Away is an odor eliminator by Gear Aid™ specially designed to remove odor and funk from today’s popular outdoor sandals, running shoes and muck boots. This all-natural formula combines powerful enzymes with anti-fungal agents to knock out odor-causing bacteria, mold and fungus that can make your shoes impossible to be around.

Machine washing can effectively remove grime and sweat, but only Rank Away eliminates odors trapped in footbeds.

Treat those stubborn boot and shoe odors to a nice, warm Rank Away bath. Your feet, friends and family will thank you.

  • Odor eliminator designed for minimalist shoes
  • Designed to remove odors instead of masking them
  • All-natural enzyme-based formula armed with powerful anti-fungal agents
  • Attacks odor-causing bacteria, mold and fungus in smelly shoes
  • Proven effective on boots, outdoor sandals and climbing shoes
  • Concentrated and biodegradable soak
  • Convenient spray for routine maintenance
  • Safe to use on mesh, canvas and neoprene footwear

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