FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER $199 (excludes kayaks)

$69.00 NZD inc GST

We have a bunch of used gear available. It's all in good condition, with plenty of life in it, so a great opportunity to get something super cheap. It's mainly samples that have been tried out a couple of times, or items we have leant to customers to borrow. Or, simply items that have been found lying around out the back!

Free delivery on anything over $40

Astral YTV PFD Lightweight, comfortable PFD. Very tidy condition. S/M
Hiko Stamina PFD This has done one Coast to Coast only. Looks like new. S/M
NRS Spectra Throwbag 20m length. It's a big bag, but ideal for rescues
Vaikobi Warm up Sleeves No longer available. Fleece arm warmers for cold mornings. Med
Sample Neoprene Booties Size 9. Brand new
Bomber Elbow Pads Fabric elbow pads for whitewater paddling.
Vaikobi V Heat Top Short sleeved paddling T shirt for warm weather. Size Med


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