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Add an inspection port to your kayak so you can store small items. Adding an inspection port also allows you to access the inside of a sit-on-top kayak, so this can make fitting rudders and other accessories much easier. To lock the lid in place, all you need to do is give the lid a small twist. A rubber gasket ensure a watertight seal.

These come with the screw in lid and outer ring, but fitting hardware (screws or rivets) is not included. Add a mesh bag if you want to keep items handy.

We offer a fitting service should you prefer someone else to do the installation.

5" Hatch - 125mm opening and 165mm overall diameter. A 140mm hole in kayak is required for fitting.
6" Hatch - 150mm opening and 205mm overall diameter. A 175mm hole in kayak is required for fitting.



Oceans Inspection Port. 5

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