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When the weather is cold all you need to do is reach for a pair of Maxim Gloves and you can paddle with the comfort of warm hands. 

The Maxim Glove is the best choice for paddling when the weather is cold and you need maximium protection from the elements. Featuring a fleece lining for additional insulation and liquid sealed seams, these gloves are what you need to keep your hands warm. The gloves are shaped to match the curve of your hand when holding a paddle shaft. 

If you paddle a kayak, paddleboard or a Waka and suffer from cold hands, these might be the answer.


  • Constructed with 3 mm neoprene back and 2 mm neoprene palm with titanium for better heat retention.
  • A textured synthetic rubber palm delivers maximum grip and durability without sacrificing dexterity.
  • A fitted stretchy slip-on wrist cuff helps prevent rogue paddle drip from seeping into your gloves while making the gloves easy to take on and off.
  • Liquid-sealed seams make them highly water-resistant, vastly increasing the warmth of this glove.
  • Quick-drying VaporLoft™ fleece lining holds in warmth and is soft against the skin.
  • Pairing snaps on the cuffs keep the gloves together.


Weight 142g
Material 3mm /2mm Neoprene
Lining VaporLoft™
Seams LiquidSeam™ sealant
Palm Material Textured synthetic rubber
Wrist Closure Stretchy slip-on wrist cuff
Gender Sizing Men


Size Width (cm) Length (cm)
XS 7.6 16.5
S 8.3 17.8
M 8.9 19.1
L 9.5 19.7
XL 10.2 20.3

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