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$999.00 NZD inc GST $2,099.00 NZD inc GST

The Slayer 14.5 was built to satisfy the specialized needs of fishermen. It offers enough stability to stand for sight fishing, a comfortable seat that elevates for easier casting, a clear deck to prevent snagged lines and a quiet hull. 

There are Groove Tracks located from bow to stern, so there is no need to drill into the Slayer to fit accessories. You can easily add extra rod holders, a fish finder or your camera. 

The Tag-Along Wheel makes getting the kayak to the water a breeze. Simply pull the Slayer from the front handle and it'll roll along on the wheel.

The open front hatch is easy to access when on the water and if you want to convert is to a closed hatch, a hard cover can be purchased. Bungy cord helps to secure gear in place.

This has been our display model for the past couple of years and we have added a few extras to the kayak. 
  • Running rig
  • Foot pedals have been upgraded to Easy Foot footrests
  • A paddle holder is fitted
  • A Scotty Fly Rod holder is fitted to the Groove Track
This price is a way below the usual price. Not only is the kayak under half price, but you get the extras thrown in for free.

A rudder can be added for $350 if required.


Length: 445cm
Width: 76cm
Weight: 32kg
Capacity: 204cm

Delivery Charges

North Island: $100
South Island: $75

The prices shown are for delivery to the nearest PBT depot.

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