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$3,999.00 NZD inc GST

The Slayer 13 Propel is a game changing fishing machine. You get a stable platform that moves through the water efficiently using the power of your legs. There is endless scope for customisation to set the kayak up just the way you want it. 

The Slayer 13 has a First Class seat, which is one of the most comfortable seats available. Adjusting the seat forward and backwards couldn't be easier - loosen a knob on either side and the seat slides on its rails. 

Groove tracks are everywhere, so finding a mounting point for accessories is easy. The carry handles are all solid handles, so you have maximum control when carrying the kayak. 

The hull offers enough stability for standing and the non-slip pads on the deck increase traction while reducing noise. The open front hatch and rear tank well offer loads of storage. Fit the front hatch cover (included with kayak) and turn the front into a closed hatch. Super Seal plugs are included for all supper holes.

The Slayer 13 moves along nicely. It'll cruise at around 6-7 km/h on flat water and can git 8km/h with an increase in pedal speed. 

Length: 401cm
Width: 84cm
Weight: 38.5kg (excluding drive unit)
Capacity: 227kg

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Delivery Costs 
  • North Island: $100
  • South Island: $70

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