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The Flexi has been replaced with a new model. Remaining stock is reduced in price.

The Flexi, as the name suggests, is a neoprene bootie with a very flexible sole. Use the Flexi bootie in your surfski and you will find it easy it slide your feet into the foot strap and you will have plenty of feel on the rudder pedals. You still get enough protection from sharp objects (such as shells) and the neoprene adds a small amount of protection to your feet to increase comfort.

The stretchy neoprene upper has enough 'give' that you can slide your foot in without too much hassle. The top webbing strap prevents the bootie coming off your foot.

UK EUR US Foot Length (mm)
6 39 6.5 250
7 41 7.5 260
8 42 8.5 270
9 43 9.5 280
10 44 10.5 290
11 45 11.5 300
12 46 12.5 310
13 47 13.5 320

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