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Flow's mid-sized paddle is suited to mid-long distance paddling. It's the paddle to use for events such as the Coast to Coast or for surf ski paddling. It's an easy to use paddle, so can keep on paddling even when the going gets rough.

The epoxy - carbon construction allows the paddle to be made lightweight, without compromising strength and stiffness. With the Flow clamp you aren't limited to just one paddle length - 10cm of adjustment means you can alter the length depending on the conditions. And, it'll easily fit into the back seat of even the smallest car. Lastly, with titanium tips fitted you can paddle in shallow, rocky rivers without wearing your paddle prematurely. 

We can order in the MS2 in other lengths, as well as in a fixed length. Please get in touch if you are interested.

  • Flow quick adjust clamp system
  • Carbon / epoxy construction
  • Titanium tips

Weight: 750grams (with 2 piece shaft and clamp)
Blade Length: 477mm
Blade Width: 157mm

Flow Kayaks MS2 Wing Paddle
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