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Style: Screw Gate

$79.00 NZD inc GST

Whichever way you look at it, this is a remarkable biner design. If you don’t already own some Revolvers we would urge you to give it some serious consideration, and here’s why:

The pulley wheel is a unique design feature that solves the age old problem of rope drag. It also makes this biner a very useful tool in rescue or emergency hauling situations when a pulley is required.

If you want to create a lightweight pin kit, then add a couple of Revolver 'binas and a prussick and you have a pin kit that fits easily in your PFD.


  • Unique pulley wheel design locking biner
  • Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction
  • Shrouded nose to reduce snagging


Strength (gate closed): 24kN

Strength (gate closed): 8kN

Strength (minor axis): 8kN

Gate opening:16mm

Weight: 64g

Lightweight kayak pin kit - carabiner with integrated pulley
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