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Bellyak are a completely new concept. If you want to enjoy time on the river then get out there on a Bellyak. Lie-on-top paddling is easy and allows anyone to paddle grade II with no learning curve.

The main way you paddle a Bellyak is in a prone position. You lie face down use your hands to paddle. Hand paddles, like Bellyak's own webbed gloves, give you plenty of power. In the prone position, you can run rapids, surf waves and move along on the flat. You can also sit and knee on a Bellyak, which is a great way to relax on flat sections. 

The Bellyak Play series is for grade II-III river paddling. They feature a flat hull for stability and surf-ability and they are short to allow dynamic surfing and easy direction changes. With 2 sizes available you can find a model to suit your size and usage. 

Be sure to add a pair of Bellyak Gloves to your order. These give you the extra propulsion needed to move your Bellyak around the river.

The display models are new stock, but they have been on the shop floor for the past year. They will have minor scuffing on the hull and a few smudges on the deck from people's shoes (when lying on them to get a feel of what prone paddling is like).


These can be sent by courier and the cost is $40 anywhere in NZ.

Play 45
Length: 231cm
Width: 63.5cm
Volume: 170L
Weight Range: 68-113kg

Play 35
Length: 231cm
Width: 61cm
Volume: 133L
Weight Range: 36-73kg

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