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Constructed with high quality materials, the Zephyr is a low angle paddle for touring. The tri-axial weave fiberglass used in the blades increases torsional stiffness while reducing longitudinal flexibility. Less flex equals more power.

The NASA grade material has 3 distinct planes giving you a blade with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. The Premier Series delivers low swing weight and high strength for optimal performance.


Blade Material: Fibreglass
Shaft Material: Carbon
Surface Area: 640 sq cm
Blade Area:16.5cm X 49cm
Weight: 794g (Straight Shaft) -or- 879g (Neutral Bent Shaft)

Paddle Size Guide
Kayak Width
Paddler Height Under 58cm 58-64cm Over 64cm
150 - 165cm 215cm 220cm 230cm
165cm – 180cm 220cm 220cm 230cm
Over 180cm 220cm 230cm 240cm


Kingpin Connector

Resulting from years of R&D, the Kingpin Adjustment System comes standard on all Accent touring paddles. Offering offset increments of 15 degrees, the Kingpin Adjustment System is the easiest and fastest adjusting incremental offset ferrule on the market. A left hand release button allows most paddlers to keep their control hand firmly gripped to the paddle shaft and only 1/8” of separation is required to adjust the offset. By design, the Kingpin Adjustment system actually tightens the fit of the ferrule, providing the feel of a one piece paddle. Unlike any other, the Kingpin Adjustment system takes paddle offset adjustment to a whole new level and is standard on all Accent straight shaft paddles.


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