FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER $199 (excludes kayaks)

We are Nelson's only specialty kayak shop.  We sell kayaks and nothing else.  Our staff kayak and we gain our product knowledge not from reading product brochures but from using the gear we sell.  

Opening Hours
Summer:  Monday - Saturday 9am - 1pm, other times by appointment 
Winter  (June - August):  Saturday 9am - 1pm, other times by appointment 

We are located at 3 Duncan St, near the marina, Port Nelson.  Click here for a map. 

Product Range
We have kayaks to suit all paddlers: from experienced fishermen to beginner whitewater paddlers, as well as a large range of accessories.  In store you can see, touch and try on clothing, kayaks, footwear, helmets, safety gear, paddles and accessories.  We have gear for fishing, whitewater, touring, racing and recreational paddling. And for out-of-town customers, kayaks and accessories can all be purchased on-line. All the products on our website are in stock and ready to send. Order from us and you can be sure that the product is available and that you will receive it quickly. 

Demo Kayaks
Trying a kayak is an important part of buying a kayak.  For that reason, we have a demo model for most kayaks that we stock.  We run regular demo days, where you can try several kayaks back to back.  But our specialty are 1-on-1 demo sessions. We will happily meet you at the beach and give you the opportunity to try several kayaks and to receive feedback and on water assistance to evaluate different kayaks.  And for those who have some paddling experience, demo kayaks can be borrowed from the shop for trial. More

It can be difficult purchasing a new kayak.  It can be even harder buying a kayak on Trademe.  Too often people think they are getting a bargain...until they paddle their new purchase.  We are happy to give you feedback, on both price and suitability, for kayaks that you have seen on Trademe.   We want to see happy paddlers on the water.  


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