FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER $199 (excludes kayaks)

Pedal powered kayaks are revolutionizing the sport of kayak fishing and we have put together a deal to help get you pedaling. 

Buy any Native Propel kayak and receive a Free Astral Ronny Fisher PFD & a two piece paddle. And, we will deliver the kayak to your nearest PBT depot at no extra cost. 

Native Watercraft have been at the forefront of pedal powered fishing kayaks. Their first Propel kayak was released 10 years ago, and they now have a comprehensive lineup of kayaks fitted with their Propel drive. Here are some good reasons to consider a Native Propel kayak for your next fishing kayak
  • All Native kayaks are made in the USA to the highest standard. Inspect their kayaks closely, and you will appreciate the little things that set them apart from other manufacturers.
  • They have an extensive range of Propel kayaks, and we will have six of the range available this summer. This gives you the ability to find a kayak that will suit your needs and requirements.
  • The Propel drive system is completely rebuild-able. Should you need to replace an internal part in the future, we will be able to supply the part to keep you going
  • Native have been producing Propel kayaks for ten years now. Over that time they have continued to innovate, as well as refining and improving the original design.

If you are looking for a compact pedal kayak, look no further than the Slayer 10 and the Titan 10.5. Both these designs have impressive carrying capacity for their size and are perfect for those fishing closer to shore. If you are happy to sacrifice a small amount of speed and gain maneuverability and portability you would be happy in either of these. 

Native offer three mid-size designs; the Manta Ray Propel 12, Slayer Propel 12LT and the Titan Propel 12. The Manta Ray Propel 12 is fantastic value for money. If you want to do a little fishing as well as some general kayaking around, this is an ideal choice. The bow and stern are finer than Native's other options, allowing it to slip through the water smoothly. The Slayer Propel 12 LT is made from thermoformed ABS plastic. The finish is beautiful and it slips through the water with less resistance than polyethylene kayaks. It also makes for a lighter kayak. The Titan Propel 12 is new for this summer and there are plenty of features packed into this kayak. It's a very stable platform to fish from and it has loads of useful features, such as rod storage & heaps of tackle storage.

If you want to venture further afield, look at the Slayer Propel 13. At 4m long, it tracks well and will cruise happily at 6-7km/hr. There is plenty of room for your fishing setup and the numerous Groove Tracks make customizing the kayak easy.

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