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This is a great way to get a lightweight, Hurricane Skimmer for much less. The kayak is in reasonable condition, with some minor scratches and scuffing. It is all cosmetic and this kayak is all set for plenty more kayaking adventures. 

The Skimmer 128 suits someone who wants a performance sit-on-top kayak. It's the narrowest in the Skimmer line up, so moves effortlessly through the water. If you want to paddle for fitness you will find this kayak a great match. The 21kg weight makes it much easier to transport than other similar sized kayaks. See the main Skimmer 128 page for specs.

Delivery costs:

  • North Island: $100
  • South Island: $70

Please note: this price is for delivery to the nearest PBT depot. Please contact us for prices to your door.

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