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The Accent Zephyr has the perfect blend of stiffness and strength. It's right at home on long expeditions as well as quick after work trips. The low angle design suits a relaxed paddling style, which is great for long days on the water.

The blades are compression molded fibreglass with a small amout of dihedral on the face to reduce flutter. If you have only used a plastic bladed paddle you will immediately notice how much more responsive the paddle feels. 

The carbon shaft has Accent's Leverlock adjustor, which allows you to set the paddle at any offset. Single lift the lever, twist the paddle and lock the lever. Or, split it into two to make it easy to carry in the boot of your car. The most noticable feature of the shaft are the two grips. The Advantage Grips are designed to make holding the paddle more natural. The Advantage Grips place your wrists at a more natural angle on the paddle shaft, increasing comfort and reducing wrist strain. It's very similar to a bent shaft paddle, but without the added cost / complexity. The surface is also easier to grip, so less effort is required to hold the paddle.

Shaft Material: Carbon
Blade Material: Fibreglass
Blade Size: 625 cm2 (97 sq. in)
Weight: 950g

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