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$239.00 NZD inc GST

The Lanai is one of our most popular touring paddles. It's one of the lightest paddles you will find for the price and it is a pleasure to paddle with. 

Performance at an affordable price. The Lanai features a reasonable amount of dihedral making it a very smooth paddle to use. The low angle design suits touring paddlers nicely. The other features that set the Lanai apart from other paddles at this price are the kingpin adjustor and the ovalised handgrips on the shaft. The Kingpin adjust allows you to adjust the paddle offset as well as allowing it to be transported in the boot of the car. Unlike many other similarly priced paddles, the Lanai has an ovalised shaft. 

Blade Material: Fiberglass Nylon
Surface Area: 600 sq cm
Blade Area:17cm X 47cm
Shaft: Carbon Uni Shaft Weight: 851g

Fit Guide:

Boat Width
Paddler Height Under 58cm 58-64cm 64cm & over
Under 150cm 210cm 220cm 230cm
150-165cm 215cm 220cm 230cm
165-180cm 220cm 220cm 230cm
Over 180cm 220cm 230cm 240cm


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