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$25.00 NZD inc GST

Mission's foam scupper plugs will fit into your Mission Kayak and prevent water from surging up the scupper tubes, keeping your kayak drier. These are for calm water paddling only though, as when they are fitted your kayak will no longer self-bail and will fill with water should a wave come over the side. 

These are sold as a set, with enough plugs for you to fill each scupper tube.
Flow: Set of six (4x Skinny & 2x Short Stubby)
Surge: Set of eight (all Skinny)
Catch / Glide 390 & 420: Set of ten (all Stubby)

We also have them available individually should you happen to lose one.

The images show the Mushroom Bungs fitted to a Surge. The Surge uses skinny plugs at all locations. Kits for other Mission kayaks will be slightly different to match the different size of scupper tubes.

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