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$74.00 NZD inc GST

Made from 3mm neoprene with a tight bungy elastic. These provide a snug fit that won't flap as you drive. 

Fit a cockpit cover and you will

  • Keep out the rain
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Have a place to store your wet / smelly kayak gear 

Black tag - 70 x 45cm
Red tag - 80 x 50cm
Blue tag - 85 x 55cm
Green tag -  90 x 53cm
Yellow tag - 88 x 50cm (suits kayaks like Barracuda Kayaks with a pointy cockpit)
Yellow tag EasyFit - this uses lighter shockcord, so is easy to stretch on. It holds onto Barracuda kayaks well, but is not recommended for rotomolded kayaks.
Purple tag - 94 x 55cm

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