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The S14 Kayak is a completely new concept in touring kayaks. The hull of the kayak is very much a sea kayak, but the cockpit is from a surf ski. Added to that is a fairing, which keeps most water from entering the kayak, while not restricting entry / exit. And the fairing is set up to take a spraydeck should you want to fit one.

The hull has been designed to be very efficient at the typical cruising speed of a recreational sea kayaker. Even though it is a little shorter, it'll cruise along with longer kayaks easily. It is highly maneuverable, which you will appreciate if you like to explore the coastline up close. 

At 22kg it is easy enough to load onto your roof rack. But, this is no fragile kayak. It is built strong, with an excellent finish. If you like owning well thought-out gear then you will love this kayak.

The front and rear hatches allow 175 litres of gear to be carried inside the kayak. The rudder is easily deployed to help keep the kayak on track in windy conditions.   


Length: 435cm
Width: 60cm
Weight: 22kg
Front Storage: 65 litres
Rear Storage: 110 litres
Cockpit 110 cm x 45 cm

Delivery Costs 
  • North Island: $100
  • South Island: $70

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