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Color: Hidden Oak

$1,999.00 NZD inc GST
Native's best selling kayaks, the groundbreaking Ultimate series of fishing kayaks, have evolved to be even more comfortable, stable and fishing friendly. The Ultimate FX 12 adds First Class High-Low seating, a wider standing platform, molded in rod stays and two anchor trolleys to the best hybrid kayak fishing platform. Plus touches like bungee over the bow and stern, a quick drain hole with Super Seal Plug, and extra padding in the foot wells and on the rear thwart have been added.

The Ultimate FX is the ideal platform for fly fishermen. It has stability that sit-on-top kayaks cannot offer and the open deck layout allows for plenty of space to store gear.

The front of the kayak is open, but add the hatch lid (included with kayak) and the you gain a covered storage area. 

Length: 371cm
Width: 77cm
Weight: 23.5kg
Capacity: 159kg max

Delivery Costs
The kayak is delivered at no extra cost to the nearest PBT depot. Please contact us for a price for delivery to your door

Native Watercraft Ultimate FX12 Fishing Kayak Hidden Oak
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