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The Slayer 12 XC is a feature laden fishing kayak, perfect for those who want to do a versatile fishing platform. If you fish lakes, but also want to explore rivers and still have the option for some ocean fishing then the Slayer 12 XC will do it all. 

There's plenty of stability to stand and cast, and the High / Low seat makes the transition from seated to standing easy. There are numerous locations to store tackle boxes and tools, and the Groove tracks make adding accessories to the kayak so easy. Adding a fish finder to the Slayer XC couldn't be any easier. The electronics console houses your fish finder and the transducer mounts to the underside. Simply lift it out of the kayak when transporting the kayak.

The one feature that really sets the Slayer XC apart is the spring loaded skeg. Turn the lever to deploy the skeg and the kayak tracks straight, but lift the skeg when you need maneuverability.

  • High / low First Class seat on a sliding base
  • Numerous Groove tracks around the kayak
  • Four rigid carry handles
  • Three flush mount rod holders
  • Front oval hatch lid
  • Removable electronics console
  • Non-slip pads on the deck
  • Horizontal rod storage
  • Quick access paddle stager
  • Spring loaded skeg

Length: 371cm
Width: 93cm
Weight: 39.5kg (without seat)
Weight: 47kg (fully rigged)
Capacity: 227kg

Delivery Costs:
North Island: $100
South Island: $70
Please note: the price shown is for delivery to the nearest PBT depot. Please contact us if you would like a price to your door 

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