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Multisport and Adventure Racing can be tough on your body. Each discipline has it's own unique challenges that need to be overcome. Whether you are kayaking, cycling, running or mountain biking, Gurney Goo will make things a bit more bearable. Say good bye to blisters, stop rubbing, end chaffing and prevent infection. 

Gurney Goo forms a barrier between your skin and whatever causes the chaffing (wetsuit, chamois, bike top, tramping socks etc). The magic formula includes silicon, which reduces friction and waterproofs the area. The addition of Tea Tree gives Gurney Goo antiseptic qualities.

Benefits of Gurney Goo™


  • Latest silicon technology with Tea Tree antiseptic qualities
  • Keeps your feet dry, prevents prune wrinkles (and trench foot) in wet conditions
  • Anti Chafing and Anti Blister Feet, armpits, crotch, butt cheeks & nipples
  • Prevents kayaking blisters
  • Tried & tested by Steve Gurney & his team during Adventure Races


When to use 
  • Before racing/exercise apply GurneyGoo™ liberally to areas prone to friction eg toes, crotch, nipples, feet, armpits, shoulders in vicinity of pack straps. 
  • For the best protection, rub in a moderate amount 12 hours before start in addition to the liberal layer at the start. 
  • To prevent hand blisters during long kayaking sessions: thoroughly rub GurneyGoo™ into hands up to 8 hours before start (eg night before), and no closer than 1 hour before the start of your race.

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