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Think Surf Ski Order - Arriving September 2018

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The next shipment of skis will be arriving soon and the following skis are available:

 Ace Performance
Jet Performance
Zen Performance (Standard Colour)
Elite (yellow w/ Grey Stripe) - 1 only
Evo Performance Elite (standard colour)
Elite (white w/ red stripe) - Sold
Elite (yellow w/ blue stripe) - Sold
Ion Elite (standard colour)
Elite (Red w/ white stripe) - Sold
Elite (yellow w/ blue stripe) - Sold
Elite (All orange) - Sold
Uno Elite (white w/ red stripe) - 1 only
Uno Max Elite (blue w/ white stripe) - 1 only

Performance: $3649 (Standard colour is white w/ Orange Stripe)
Elite: $4649 (Standard colour is white w/ Yellow Stripe)

Purchase a ski before they arrive and have it delivered free of charge upon arrival anywhere from Auckland to Wellington.

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