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Pedal Powered Kayaks - The New Way To Fish

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This summer pedal kayaks are going to form a more significant part of our lineup. Native Watercraft have added several new kayaks to their range, giving you plenty of choice when looking for a boat.

Pedal power and fishing go well together and more fishermen are seeing the advantages. The Propel system is very natural to use and it gives you the advantage of being able to move the kayak around whilst still holding onto your rod. You can also maintain your position easily when there is drift from either the wind or current.

Native Slayer Propel 10
Native Slayer 10 Propel KayakThe Slayer 10 has been our most popular boat to date. It's short length and light weight make it easy to manage, but unlike many other 3m long kayaks, the Slayer 10 has the ability to carry a serious load (over 200kg).

While it is the shortest Propel kayak in the Native range, it doesn't miss out on any features. The Groove Tracks along the side of the kayak mean you can add accessories quickly and easily. The Slayer 10 has been a popular choice for trout fishermen, who want to get around the lake, but they don't need the extra length of the Slayer 13. It's quick to turn but you still get plenty of stability should you wish to stand and cast.

Native Slayer Propel 12 LT


Native Slayer Propel 12 LT

The Slayer Propel 12 LT is a departure from Native's other kayaks. Rather than being made with polyethylene, it is thermoformed from ABS plastic. This allows Native to make a lighter kayak, which you will appreciate when it's time to load it on the roof rack.

Comfort on the water is something everyone appreciates. Spend time sitting on a Native seat and you will appreciate the difference it can make to your day. It's not only comfortable, but as it absorbs very little water you won't end up sitting in a puddle. 

Native Slayer Propel 13

Native Slayer Propel 13 Measuring in at 4m long, the Slayer Propel 13 is the go-to pedal kayak for those who want more storage space on deck or who wish to cover more distance. One of the stand out features of the Slayer 13 is the front hatch. The hatch is similar to the rear well and includes several scupper tubes (and scupper plugs) for drainage. The hard cover is removable, so you have the option of using it with the lid and any gear inside will stay safe. Or, remove the lid and use a crate and you can easily access it while on the water.

Native Manta Ray Propel 12 Angler

Native Manta Ray PropelThe Manta Ray Propel is going to help bring pedal drive to the people. It's just the right size, has enough features to keep most people happy and it's the lowest priced Native Propel kayak. There are two Groove Tracks along the sides, a transducer mounting location on the hull and three flush mount rod holders.

Native Titan Propel 13.5

Native Titan Propel 13.5

The Titan is the largest in the Native Propel family. This makes for heaps of space on the deck. In fact, the seat slides all the way back giving a massive amount of room to stand and move about on the deck. Factor in the huge amount of stability the Titan has and you will feel right at home on your feet. The Titan is also easy to set up just the way you want. There are Groove Track ready to fit rod holders or other accessories into and the horizontal rod storage means your rods are safely stored, yet easily accessible. 

Native's Propel kayaks are time-tested. They have been making pedal drive kayaks for a long time now and have created many industry firsts. We have sold Propel kayaks since we first opened and have had plenty of positive feedback on both the performance and reliability. They were the first to offer the ability to pedal in reverse, their seats are comfortable and supportive and the Groove Tracks (used on all their Propel kayaks) make setting your kayak up very easy. With an extensive lineup, you can find a kayak to suit your needs.

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