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First impressions of the new Rhino Rack Nautic Kayak Stack

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Rhino Rack have just released their folding upright bars; the Nautic Kayak Stack. We've put them to use and here's what we think.

Rhino Rack Nautic Stacker Kayak UprightsAs with all Rhino kayak accessories, the kit is very complete. It includes everything you need to fit the Nautic Stack onto a variety of styles of roof bars. Also included in the box were two sets of tie down straps; 2x 4.5m & 2x 5.5m. Assembly was easy and the Nautic Stack was fitted onto a set of Vortex bars in no time.  

It's great to see that plenty of thought has gone into the design. The base is glass reinforced nylon, while the uprights are aluminum. This means there is no chance of rust. Another feature that was appreciated was the large eyelet at the top. There is plenty of room to fit a cam strap buckle through. This is great news for those who use tie-down straps. If you regularly carry several kayaks, you will like the 75kg / four kayak capacity. Some other kayak stacks on the market are only rated to carry two kayaks. 

Rhino Rack Nautic Stacker Kayak folding poleWhen not in use you can fold the arm down into a horizontal position. To do this, open the lever and depress the latch and the arm is free to rotate. It's an easy process and one that shouldn't be too tricky to perform with cold, wet fingers. 

This is a product that will appeal to a range of different kayakers.

  • Whitewater paddlers have been using uprights for years as fitting the maximum number of kayaks on the roof makes life so much easier when shuttling to the top of a river.
  • Sit on top paddlers and sea kayakers can also utilize this product. Many cars can only fit narrow width roof bars, so fitting two sit-on-top kayaks side by side simply isn't a possibility. The Nautic Stack can be used to carry two kayaks on their edge. If you own a composite kayak then this is not the product for you. You need to stick with a set of cradles or a 'J' styled carrier to ensure that your kayak is properly supported. 

We have the Nautic Stack in stock, so come in and take a look.

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