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Rhino Rack Track Mount Roof Rack

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Over the last couple of years, the Kayak HQ trailer has been asked to perform a range of tasks, and the racks that it was built with haven't always been up to the job. The racks were in a fixed position, so the trailer couldn't carry whitewater boats well. And, as they were made from steel tubing, fitting kayak carriers posed a challenge. The solution - remove the mixed racks and fit a Rhino Track Mount System. This means we can move the bars closer together for shorter kayaks and we can easily fit cradles when carrying more fragile boats.

We used the longest tracks available, and cutting the track to length was easily done. The track now runs the length of the trailer. Standard track mount feet slide in the track and attach to a Vortex bar (available in silver and black). We've gone for a long bar, so that plenty of kayaks can be stacked onto the trailer. The way the foot attaches to the bar, means you can fit bars that extend out a good distance from the feet. 

Installation was straight forward and took around 3 hours from start to finish. Rhino's instructions were very helpful, and covered aspects such as how to paint the exposed metal around the holes you need to drill. Once installed the rack is really solid on the trailer. It will certainly make it much easier to transport the different kayaks that get moved around each week. 

Trailer with Rhino Rack Track Mount Roof Rack Rhino Rack Track Mount Roof Rack on Trailer

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