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Core Paddles and new Astral PFDs - Coming Soon


We are easily excited by new gear, but the upcoming arrival of Core paddles and 2014 Astral PFDs is extra exciting.


Core make high performance paddles and their designs are lightweight, yet strength is not compromised. Every aspect of a Core paddle is analysed - from the initial design on CAD, through to the molding process. The result is a paddle that weights less without compromising strength and that feels great on the water. The shafts are made by Easton, and these are super strong. Aluminum shafts make heaps of sense for paddles as they flex just the right amount and have nearly three times the impact strength of a carbon shaft. Add in the molded grips and you have a great interface between body and blade. Core already have an impressive list of paddlers using their paddles, including Steve Fisher.

We have both WW and touring demo paddles coming, along with a few for stock. Come in a give them a go.


The current model of the Ronny and Linda have been really well received, but the 2014 model adds not only new colours, but also a new pocket layout. These are one of the best SOT buoyancy aids available. Their ThinVent design works with high backed SOT seats so you can sit comfortably in you kayak. Astral have listened to kayak fisherman and have created a new PFD for '14 called the Ronny Fisher. This will cater to anglers who want a PFD that can carry plenty of fishing gear, fit comfortably and will handle the abuse that fisherman deal out. It has a stronger outer fabric than the standard Ronny & Linda, a fold away, high-vis hood and fold down front pockets.

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