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Astral Footwear is arriving


There are always a few products the get us excited and we really hang out for their arrival. Astral footwear fits into this category. Good looking gear that really works well. The Brewer and the new Brewess women's shoes have received a new sole developed by Astral to exceed the performance of the previous rubber. We also have some Porters arriving as well as more stock of the Rassler. 

For the next couple of weeks we are offering a free gift voucher will all Astral footwear sold - $30 with the Porters, $40 with Brewers / Brewess and $50 with a pair of Rasslers. Offer ends Friday 11th April.

Take a look at the Astral Brewer, Astral Brewess, Astral Porter and Astral Rassler



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